In an area where welding takes place, it can be extremely dangerous if the correct safety measures are not in place. There are various products that can be used for safety purposes within a welding area, but one of the most versatile and successful is welding curtains.

This blog post will discuss some of the benefits using a welding curtain can have in a welding environment.


Create Defined Welding Area

In some situations, the welding environment may not be a permanent fixture and the ability to quickly set up and move the welding area could be required. Welding curtains offer this flexibility, as they can be set up easily and customized as required.

The use of welding curtains also means that the size of the welding area is not restricted, as you can cordon an area as big or as small as required. These blankets are also available in a wide range of colors to ensure that they are distinct.


Creating a well-defined welding area is the first step in ensuring the welder and other employees near to the area are protected.

While the welder will be wearing the correct safety gear, including eye protection and heat resistant clothing, anyone outside of the area may be vulnerable to a number of different injuries. For example, the bright light created by the weld can cause serious damage to eyesight if looked at directly, so welding curtains provide a barrier to prevent this from happening.

During a weld sparks, flames, and molten metal can splash and fall sporadically, so without a welding curtain, anyone near the welding area is at risk of being injured.

Air Flow

During a weld, chemicals and fumes that are harmful can be produced. As welding curtains do not create a rigid and closed environment, they allow fumes to flow through.

If the weld was to occur in a small box room with no ventilation the welder would risk becoming overwhelmed by the fumes, despite wearing a safety mask.

Noise Reduction

Welding can produce a considerable amount of noise pollution, as it is essentially grinding metal. Welders wear ear protection for this purpose, but people outside of the welding area may not have this protection.

Welding curtains create a barrier between the welding area noise and anyone outside it, reducing the risk of ear damage and overall irritation to employees working nearby.

Welding Curtains from Mid-Mountain

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. manufactures a range of heat-resistant fabrics that can be used for welding curtains. The products from our ARMATEX®, SILTEX®, and HYTEX® ranges are available in many different configurations to suit a range of applications.

If you would like some more information about our range of fabrics that can be used for welding curtains, please contact us.