Our Mission

To be the global industry leader through vertical integration, providing high quality and fast-to-market solutions with new technologies and materials.

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of engineered thermal insulation barriers and seals that provide environmental protection, emissions control, and energy conservation.

We use a wide range of different materials for our heat-resistant fabrics to ensure we can provide a cost-effective solution for many different applications, including aerospace, robotics, and welding.

Our Vision

To achieve growth through innovation to protect the planet, people and our future.

Vertical integration and a strong commitment to research and development provide our customers with cost-effective solutions for applications ranging from seals for gas fireplaces to airbag fabric for spacecraft.

Our products can provide thermal insulation at temperatures of up to 5000°F (2760°C) and provide protection against chemicals, molten splash, and abrasion. We utilize a broad range of materials to ensure our customers get a product specifically suited to their application such as:

  • Silica fabrics and textiles

  • Coated fabrics

  • Fabricated thermal protection seals, blankets, and curtains

  • Thermal insulation blankets and papers

  • High-performance industrial textiles

  • Refractory cements, coatings, and moldables

Company Overview

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