Every satellite is unique, and each one requires protection from the harsh conditions in space.

Space exploration is a new and exciting frontier with endless opportunities. Aerospace manufacturing is the backbone of this rapidly growing economy, and engineers face the crucial challenge of protecting satellite devices in the harsh environment of outer space.


Designing, building, and launching a satellite is a complicated process. These devices are subjected to UV radiation, varying extreme temperatures, abrasion and more. As a result of these conditions, devices can be damaged which prevents them from properly functioning. With all the time, effort and resources put into manufacturing a satellite device, it is important to preserve their functions and reduce expensive in-orbit maintenance.

With decades of experience with extreme environments, Mid-Mountain has the solution for satellite protection.

Every satellite and launch mission are unique. At Mid- Mountain, we understand that, and have a dedicated team of innovators ready to use our arsenal of materials to custom build the product for your mission.

We have extensive experience with creating thermal barriers, firewall covers, seals, and robot covers to protect devices from harsh conditions. And our engineers and production team can develop cost-effective solutions with robust materials.

Our experience with valuable materials includes:

  • Kevlar®: We have used Kevlar® for protective sleeving, cables, and tethers due to its mechanical properties. Its lightweight and durable nature makes Kevlar® an effective option for protection against abrasion in orbit and during launches.
    • Our Hytex® 400 & 700 Kevlar® textiles are the ideal options for providing lightweight, yet durable protection for abrasion resistance applications.
  • Nomex®: We have used Nomex® to create flame resistant textiles that act as thermal insulators and keep protected parts at stable temperatures. The thermal and dielectric properties of Nomex® make it a great choice for developing products to meet insulation needs.
    • Our Hytex 500 Nomex® Textiles are a great option for insulation applications that also require durability.
  • Silica: We have used silica to create durable lightweight insulating fabrics. Silica fabrics are useful as heat shields to protect certain device components from high temperatures. These fabrics are also beneficial as they provide flexibility and chemical resistance.
    • Our Siltex® Woven Silica Fabric can be used as a thermal barrier while providing resistance to corrosive agents and chemical reagents.
  • Silicone coated fabrics: We have used lightweight coated fabrics across many industries due to their copious number of beneficial properties. Silicone coated fabrics can provide devices with electrical insulation, thermal resistance, UV resistance and flexibility. They have a wide range of protective applications as they are used to create flexible seals, thermal blankets, and cable coverings.
    • Our Armatex® line of lightweight coated fabrics is the perfect product for a variety of satellite applications due to its durable and flexible nature.

Everything in our HYTEX® product line is available in cloth, tape, sleeving and rope. They can be customized for various widths and thicknesses based on the application. Our SILTEX® line, while effective on its own, can also be customized and coated with silicone for increased resistance properties. Our ARMATEX® line features lightweight durable fabrics with different coating options, so it’s easy to find the best fit for your needs.

Why Mid-Mountain?

As a company, we are excited about the ways in which space exploration can benefit society. We strive to protect your devices that are making valuable impact. Our knowledge and dedication have allowed us to effectively problem solve and proudly serve customers with custom created high-performance products for decades.

If improving your satellite device protection is a priority you can contact our team to get started on a custom solution for your mission.

Kevlar® and Nomex® are registered trademarks of the E.I. DuPont Company.