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Coated Fabrics and Textiles
For standard uses such as welding curtains, welding blankets, and removable/reusable insulation pads. Custom products include robot protective covers, air cargo covers, aircraft loading walkways, lithium battery covers, and silicone coated round, square or rectangular braided rope.

Silica Fabrics and Textiles
Ideal for personnel protection and equipment protection against weld splatter, molten metal splash, and sparks.

High Temperature Resistant Textiles
Available in a wide variety of configurations such as woven and knit tape, braided and knit sleeving, braided and knit ropes, and woven fabrics.

Refractory Moldables, Cements and Coatings
Excellent for use in fluctuating heat conditions as refractory lining repair, to places seals and gaskets in gas fireplaces, and sealing material for industrial furnaces, ovens and troughs.

Custom Fabricated Products
High temperature resistant seals, blankets, curtains and covers manufactured to your specifications, including tadpole gaskets, welding curtains, cathode bar seals and expansion joints.