The biggest challenges our customers encounter is achieving improved process performance and obtaining a higher return on their investment. At Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. we are dedicated to continuously improve and develop our processes and thermal insulation products to help our customers overcome these challenges.

Thermal Insulation Blanket


Vertical Integration at Mid Mountain

Vertical integration is the ability to perform multiple stages of production, which usually would have to be performed by different companies. At Mid-Mountain, many of our thermal insulation products benefit from our vertical integration, such as the THERMOPAK® Tadpole Gasket.

A tadpole gasket consists of a core material and cover material, both of which can be manufactured by Mid-Mountain. Depending on the application, our THERMOPAK® Tadpole Gaskets can have a variety of cover and core materials, such as a core consisting of a fiberglass rope and a silicone coated fabric cover.

We believe that our vertical integration provides our customers with an extra level of customer service, and the thermal insulation products we supply have a high level of quality. We have four different manufacturing divisions; fabricated components, coated fabrics, refractory moldables, and textiles formation, and often products from each division can be used to develop one product, like those mentioned above.

Our diverse product line allows us to meet the needs of our clients who have various thermal insulation applications.

Industries that benefit from our vertical integration include aerospace, automotive, welding, insulation, and power generation. The use of our own products as the raw material provides us with a great advantage over our competitors, as not only does our vertical integration save time, it also provides considerable cost benefits to customers.

Vertical Integration Case Study

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. collaborated with the U.S Department of Energy, Batelle Engineers NW, and GeoSafe to develop a Geodesic Dome Tent that was used to retain heat and contain emissions during in situ-vitrification of the ground to eliminate any hazardous waste. This tent was produced using our ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics and was assembled by our fabrication team.

The THERMOPAK® External Cathode Bar Seals are another great example of vertical integration at Mid-Mountain. These thermal resistant materials consist of four different Mid-Mountain products; two ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics, a HYTEX® Kevlar cord, and our THERMOSEAL® Moldable.

Thermal Insulation at Mid Mountain

Thermal insulation is at the core of what we do at Mid-Mountain, and our vertical integration allows us to provide solutions that are effective and cost-efficient. If you have any queries about any of our thermal insulation products please contact us, and let us show you how our vertical integration can be of benefit for your application.