An insulation material is one that provides thermal insulation, or the reduction of heat transfer between objects. Heat transfer can be an issue in a range of industries, where two objects are in contact but they have varying temperatures. The heat flow between these two objects is unavoidable, but an insulation material can be used to reduce the transfer. These materials work by reducing thermal conduction or reflecting the thermal radiation instead of absorbing it.

This blog post will discuss some of the most popular insulation materials and the applications they are used in.



Fiberglass is a very popular insulation material due to it’s effectiveness in reducing heat transfer. This material is manufactured by weaving very fine strands of glass into an insulation material, and it is this process that provides the high level of thermal insulation.

Fiberglass cannot burn, which makes it a suitable insulation material for applications at extremely high temperatures. It also retains 50% of it’s strength at 700oF and 25% of it’s strength at 1000oF.

Typically, fiberglass insulation is in the form of fabric, and insulation blankets or boards that are available in a range of densities for different applications.  A more dense fiberglass insulation is better suited for areas with limited cavity space.


Vermiculite is an insulation material that is used for a large variety of thermal insulation applications due to it’s versatility. It is a hydrous phyllosilicate mineral that expands significantly when exposed to temperatures above 572oF.

When expanded, vermiculite exhibits low heat conductivity, low bulk density, and a relatively high melting point, all of which make it suitable for effective thermal insulation.

Advanced Ceramics 

The term ‘advanced ceramic’ covers a variety of different materials, and some specific fine chemicals make excellent insulation materials due to their low coefficient of thermal conductivity. Zirconium Oxide is one example of a fine ceramic that provides a high level of thermal insulation due to it’s low level of thermal conductivity.

Insulation Material Applications

Insulation materials find use in a large variety of applications, in both the commercial and industrial sectors.

Industrial furnaces and ovens use insulation materials for many reasons, including furnace linings, seals, and doors.

The aerospace industry uses insulation materials for safety and process purposes, including for smoke seals, cable covers, and aircraft loading walkways.

Insulation Materials from Mid-Mountain

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