Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. are leading providers of specialty coated fabrics and textiles. The ARMATEX® range of coated fabrics uses a variety of blends and coatings with some of the most advanced fibers and specialized weaves.

The ARMATEX® range of coated fabrics and textiles includes a variety of fabrics, which all use different materials to provide different benefits. This blog post will outline the different coated fabrics from the ARMATEX® range.

Mid Mountain - ArmatexARMATEX® Silicone Coated Fabrics

Silicone Coated Fabrics from Mid-Mountain are comprised of varying substrates coated with silicone rubber compounds. These fabrics are engineered for use in environments that required chemical, abrasion or heat and flame resistance.

Available with base fabrics of aromatic polyamide, fiberglass, or silica, the standard uses of this type of ARMATEX® coated fabric include removable pad insulation, thermal insulation barriers and protection from weld spatter and slag.

ARMATEX® Q Refractory Coated Fabrics

Composed of varying substrates impregnated with a proprietary refractory compound, the ARMATEX® Q Refractory Coated Fabrics have enhanced temperature, chemical, and abrasion resistance.

These fabrics are heavy which make them suitable for use in severe environments and they have low porosity. They are designed primarily for use as high-temperature resistant curtains, blankets, and seals.

ARMATEX® SQ Silicone/Refractory Coated Fabrics

ARMATEX® SQ coated fabrics are engineered to perform in the most severe environments. They consist of varying high-temperature resistant substrates coated with a proprietary refractory coating on one side, and a silicone rubber coating on the other.

This results in an ideal fabric for applications that require increased chemical and abrasion resistance, high strength and excellent thermal insulation. Typical applications of ARMATEX® SQ Silicone/Refractory Coated Fabrics are die-cut parts, emission control seals and welding blankets, pads and curtains.

ARMATEX® Vermiculite Coated Fabrics

The ARMATEX® Vermiculite Coated Fabrics, also called Firestar fabrics, are comprised of a fiberglass substrate coated with a proprietary refractory compound.

These properties enhance the resistance to burning, flame impingement, molten splash, sparks, and corrosion. Thermal insulation is also greatly improved by the coated fabrics properties, which makes it ideal for use in heat-resistant applications.

Typical applications of this type of coated fabric include welding protection, thermal insulation jackets and stress relieving blankets.

ARMATEX® PTFE Coated Fabrics

This type of coated fabric is coated with a specially developed PTFE resin system that gives them high-temperature resistance and makes them suitable for use in abrasive and chemically corrosive environments.

ARMATEX® PTFE Coated Fabrics also have excellent oil and hydrocarbon resistance and outstanding resistance to petrochemical attack. Typical applications include insulation pads and covers, and insulation jacketing.

ARMATEX® Ceramic Coated Fabrics

ARMATEX® ceramic coated fabrics consist of a high-temperature, cured coating applied to either a silica, fiberglass or mineral oxide base fabric.

The ceramic coating improves strength, weather resistance, and heat resistance as well as adding dimensional stability and reducing fabric fraying.

Insulation pads, protection against molten metal splash and welding splatter, and thermal insulation seals and barriers are typical applications for this type of coated fabric.

ARMATEX® Neoprene Coated Fabrics

ARMATEX® Neoprene Coated Fabrics consist of a high strength fiberglass fabric coated with neoprene rubber and are designed for use as disposable welding fabric.

These coated fabrics have exceptional durability in high traffic areas, which makes them ideal for equipment and personnel protection during cutting applications with stainless steel and light duty welding.


The full range of ARMATEX® coated fabrics is available to purchase from Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. Please contact us if you have any questions about our range of specialty coated materials.