Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. has been manufacturing fabricated parts for a wide range of industries for many years. The industries we cover include aluminium, aerospace, petrochemical, and many others.

THERMOPAK® fabricated parts include seals, curtains, and blankets, which have been developed for use as insulation barriers against high temperatures, emissions, abrasion and chemical attacks.

We are able to provide our customers with our range of fabricated parts at a competitive price point and shorter lead times, allowing you to get the products you require as quickly as possible. The range features a wide variety of materials and the continuous operating temperature ranges from 400oF to 5000oF.


THERMOPAK® Tadpole Gasket Insulation

A high temperature insulation tape, THERMOPAK® Tadpole Gasket is developed by combining a cover material with an inner core (bulb) material in a configuration that is best suited to the customer’s application.

The bulb and tail design of the tadpole gasket guarantees the best sealing performance, and the tape can be developed to prevent abrasion and damage from moisture and chemicals.

THERMOPAK® Tadpole Gaskets can be made with woven fiberglass, silica fabrics, refractory coatings or silicone rubber coatings as cover materials. The core materials of the tape can be silicone or neoprene for maximum density, and stainless steel or inconel for less density.

The typical applications of this fabricated part include boilers, expansion joints and furnace doors.

THERMOPAK® Die-Cut Gaskets

Our range of die-cut gaskets are manufactured from chemical, abrasion and temperature resistant materials, and they are ideal for sealing applications across a wide variety of industries.

THERMOPAK® Die-Cut Gaskets provide an airtight barrier in surfaces that need to be sealed to prevent any heat loss, or the loss of any gases or emissions.


THERMOPAK® Tray Pads have high durability and are used to protect aluminium coils, slabs and plate against damage during the entire manufacturing process where the aluminium is placed in direct contact with a range of steel surfaces.

When the hot aluminium is moved on these surfaces, contact surface abrasions and denting often occurs, resulting in an excess amount of scrap metal. THERMOPAK® Tray Pads help to remove most of these problems, reducing the amount of scrap metal produced.

THERMOPAK® Stress Reliving Blankets

Our range of THERMOPAK® Stress Reliving Blankets are designed for maximum durability under extreme conditions. They are composed of re-usable refractory fiber blanket, which is enclosed within either knitted wire cloth or high-temperature fiber cloth.

The blankets are able to contain and direct any heat generated during pre-heating efficiently. The blankets are quick to apply and easy to handle, and they can also be used multiple times under extreme conditions.

THERMOPAK® Weld Backing Tape

THERMOPAK® GDX and GD Weld Backing Tapes are perfect for use in welding aluminium and magnesium alloy plates and structures, where a ready-to-use, contamination-free weld with high uniformity is required.

THERMOPAK® GDX Weld Backing Tape is used to minimize or completely remove radiographic interference patterns in critical work. THERMOPAK® GD is a standard backing tape when the application does not require 100% radiographic inspection.

Both weld backing tapes available are easy to apply and conform easily to tight and complex configurations, removing the need for rigid supports and reducing the set-up time.

The positive high temperature weld line support removes the risk of localized thermal degradation failure, which helps to prevent molten metal drop-through and helps to produce smooth, underbeads with minimal defects.


The full range of THERMOPAK® fabricated parts are available from Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. Please contact us if you have any questions about our fabricated parts or any other product we supply.