Welding is the process of joining two materials together (usually metals) to make them act as a single piece. It works by melting the base metal, and a filler material is often added to this molten material, which forms a stronger joint when cooled.

Welding is achieved using a gas flame, laser, electric arc, electron beam, ultrasound, or friction, which can cause injuries including burns, eye damage, overexposure to UV light, poisonous fumes, and electrical shock. This risk of injury needs to be reduced for welders, and welding fabrics in various designs can be used for this purpose.

This blog post will discuss some of the configurations of welding fabrics and their uses.


Welding Pads

A welding pad has multiple applications, which makes it a very versatile tool for welders. The extreme heat resistance exhibited by welding fabrics ensure that the pads will not ignite, melt, or burn under severe levels of heat.

These pads can be used to move or place hot parts that have just undergone the welding process or used as a protective holder for tools that are still hot – reducing the risk of an accident in the workplace.

Welding Curtains

Welding curtains are an important safety feature for the welding process, as they are used to protect anyone who is nearby without any safety gear. Those people around the welder may not be wearing the correct eye protection, so welding curtains provide a barrier against the bright light from the welding booth that can cause serious eye irritation.

While a barrier between the welding booth and the people outside of it is needed, good ventilation of the booth is required due to the volatile gases used in the welding process. This is why a curtain made of welding fabric is a great choice, as they can be hung in a way that air flow isn’t restricted, but they still protect people outside of the booth. These curtains also work as a barrier against sparks and flames that may occur in the welding booth.

Welding Blankets

Welding blankets are used to protect both the welder and the welding equipment. Placed over the equipment, or over the welder’s arms or legs, welding blankets are used to ‘catch’ any molten metal splashes and sparks that could cause burns or damage.

Welding Fabrics from Mid-Mountain

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. provides a large range of welding fabrics that are approved for use as welding pads, curtains, and blankets. If you would like any information about welding fabrics or any of the products we have available, please contact us.