Coated fabrics are used in a wide range of applications, in industries including aerospace, robotics, and welding. Used in high-temperature applications, coated fabrics can be made with varying compositions to provide a range of different benefits.

Armatex Silicone Coated Fabrics


Silicone rubber provides a wealth of benefits when used to coat fabrics for high temperature applications. The material offers a high level of thermal resistance in temperatures up to 572oF, and can often exhibit superior elongation, creep, tear strength, thermal conductivity, and fire resistance when exposed to these extreme temperatures.

In addition to heat resistance, silicone also has a high level of chemical and abrasion resistance. The silicone coated fabrics from Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. can be used for removable pad insulation, weld spatter protection, and thermal insulation barriers.

Refractory Compound

Refractory compounds maintain their strength at high temperatures – typically above 1000oF – so refractory coated fabrics are often employed in applications where high strength is required.

Refractory coated fabrics are widely used for furnaces, ovens and kilns, due to the high temperatures resistance. Other uses include expansion joints, seals, and abrasion resistant curtains.


Vermiculite experiences significant expansion when it is heated, which makes it a popular choice for seals and barriers in high-temperature applications.

The Mid-Mountain range of vermiculite coated fabrics is called ‘Firestar Fabrics’.  They are comprised of a fiberglass substrate coated with vermiculite that enhances the resistance against burning, flame impingement, sparks, corrosion, and molten splash.

This coated fabric also has great thermal insulation properties, allowing it to be used in applications that require heat resistance, such as continuous furnaces that have both hot and cool sections.


Ceramic coated fabrics are a popular choice for high temperature applications as they provide a wealth of desirable properties including high strength, excellent wear resistance, and low thermal conductivity.

The ceramic coated fabrics from Mid-Mountain have enhanced strength and dimensional stability, the fabric also doesn’t fray as easily as other fabrics, and they have improved weather and heat resistance.

Typical ceramic coated fabric applications include molten metal splash protection, thermal insulation seals, and insulation pads.

Coated Fabrics from Mid-Mountain

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. manufactures a range of different coated fabrics for high temperature applications, including fabrics coated with the materials mentioned above. Using advanced fibers, specialized weaves, and a variety of blends and coatings, our range of ARMATEX® coated fabrics have exceptional heat protection, durability, and chemical and abrasion resistance.

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