Robot Protection Covers from Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

Robots are used extensively in industry, from cars to heavy machinery, and they often operate in extreme environments including intense periods of heat, chemical corrosion and harsh emissions. Robots are essential in a lot of these industries as the jobs they perform can be too dangerous for humans.

There is the risk that robots can be damaged or destroyed in these harsh conditions, costing companies thousands of dollars.

Robotic protection is used to prevent this from happening, enable robots to operate in more conditions and extend the lifetime of the robots. Traditional fabrics used for robot protection covers include aluminum coated Kevlar® and fire-retardant vinyl.

These fabrics are often unsuccessful, as they have a high level of flexural failure and low resistance to heat and abrasion. The not only restricts the application range of these fabrics, but limits their lifetime, and this could result in costly downtime.

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To resolve the issue of substandard fabrics, Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. developed ARMATEX® SBN 13-602 ROBOTEX™, a high-performance robot protection cover designed to provide robots with protection against sparks, pollutants, chemicals, etc.

The fabric is made of aromatic polyamide woven fabric, coated with a specialized silicone elastomer. It has extremely high tensile and tear strength due to its increased flexibility, making it ideal for applications where wear is an issue.

The material maintains its high performance in conditions of both high and low temperatures, widening the application range. It is also resistant to UV and a wide range of corrosive chemicals.

This robot protection cover is beneficial in the machining, nuclear, aerospace and automotive industry. Extensive testing has confirmed that ARMATEX® SBN 13-602 ROBOTEX™ has a longer lifetime than traditional conventional robot protection, maintaining its integrity in severe conditions.

As the initial cost for robots is high, Mid-Mountain wanted to provide a cost-effective protection solution. The protection this fabric provides is a longer-lasting solution compared to traditional fabrics.

Mid-Mountain also has the capability to develop custom ROBOTEX™ robot protection covers if customers require more bespoke specifications.


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