Thermal insulation is the process of reducing the transfer of thermal energy between objects, and a thermal barrier is one type of product that can be used to achieve this. This barrier is required in situations where two objects have differing temperatures, and the transfer of heat energy between the two would result in severe consequences to quality and performance.

These barriers can come in a range of fabrics and configurations. Typical fabrics include silica, ceramic and fiberglass, and they can be configured as blankets, mats or papers depending on the requirement.


Thermal Insulation Barrier Applications

The range of applications that thermal insulation barriers serve is vast as they are extremely versatile. The use of these barriers in these areas is often essential in order to provide optimal performance. Below we outline some thermal insulation barrier applications.


Aircraft consist of a huge amount of different parts that all have to work together cohesively in extreme conditions. Just one incorrect component can have drastic effects in the aerospace industry.

Examples of thermal insulation barrier applications in the aerospace industry include components around the jet engine to ensure the heat radiated from it does not transfer into the cockpit and cabin, fire-resistant cargo containers to reduce the risk of any fire spreading in the cargo, and components around the cabin to ensure that it is a comfortable environment for passengers.


Robots are often subjected to harsh operating environments and thermal insulation barriers are employed to provide protection against the extremely high temperatures they may encounter.

Typical thermal insulation barriers in the robotics industry include fabric protection covers for the parts of the robot that are subjected to the high temperatures.

Thermal Insulation Barriers from Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. are ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturers of a range of specialty materials, including thermal insulation barriers.

Our CERMEX® range of thermal insulation products includes blankets, mats, and pads, which are suitable for a wide range of applications. These products have low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, and are suitable to be used in temperatures ranging from 538oC to 1260oC.

These thermal insulation barriers are widely used in die-cut gaskets, furnace lining seals, pipe insulation and other applications.

Our team is experienced in finding the right solution for your application, whether that be a standard product or a unique offering. If you have any questions about our range of thermal insulation barriers please contact us.