Airbag fabrics are typically high-strength woven materials that can retain their physical integrity against rapid inflation by an inert gas to cushion impacts. Nylon textiles are among the most common fabrics used to weave airbag cushions for general manufacturing and automotive applications. However, conventional component arrangements have significant drawbacks that have forced manufacturers to explore alternative options for improving airbag safety.


Specialty airbag fabrics and services enable manufacturers to develop bespoke impact cushioning solutions for distinct applications. Military ballistics airbags must operate to vastly different specifications to general auto-engineering airbag fabrics, for example.

At Mid-Mountain, we have attempted to resolve this issue by providing unique airbag fabrics and products that resolve issues in distinct industries. This article will focus on our work on specialty airbag fabrics for the automotive industry in more detail.

Airbag Fabrics for Automotive Engineering

Heavy weight nylon fabric airbags present a unique challenge for the automotive industry, as their strength combined with the rapid inflation of the airbag by nitrogen gas and the trajectory of that inflation can cause significant harm in the event of a collision. Smaller drivers are particularly at risk from head injuries related to airbag impacts.  Mid-Mountain has worked closely with auto-engineers to develop a more lightweight airbag fabric to reduce the risks of whiplash and concussion and improve the safety ratings of commercial vehicles.

Standard steering wheel and dashboard airbags traditionally protect against the initial impact of a collision, providing localized front-facing protection for the driver and front passenger. In cases of dynamic crashes where vehicles are impacted from the side or are caused to roll, these components can only provide limited protection for the driver and passengers.

Side, curtain, and roll over airbags are designed to provide increased protection in the case of an unusual impact or a prolonged accident where a vehicle is caused to roll. If airbags puncture in these instances, driver and passenger safety is dramatically and instantly reduced for subsequent impacts, dramatically increasing the likelihood of significant injury. We have worked to develop a sturdier fabric that provides continued protection for the duration of a dynamic crash.

Our proprietary range of specialty airbags can be fabricated using ARMATEX® coated fabrics, which that combine high-performance base fabrics with a high-functionality silicone coating.  This structural arrangement provides an outstanding combination of mechanical stability and abrasion resistance, to ensure that airbag fabrics operate at increasingly demanding standards.

Specialty Airbags from Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

Mid-Mountain is a leading supplier of functional fabric materials for a broad range of demanding industrial applications. With 42 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality temperature resistant materials for a massive range of industry sectors, we are confident that our cutting-edge products represent the future of safe and efficient industry textiles.

If you would like any more information about our specialty airbag fabrics, please do not hesitate to contact us.