At Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. we engineer high-performance thermally-insulated curtains for an array of industrial applications. Our solutions are typically based on composites of the best-in-class coating and substrate materials configured to your unique specifications. This means we can tailor product dimensions or tweak specific properties to enhance end-product performance.

Our thermal insulated curtains are typically engineered as part of the THERMOPAK® product line, an industry-trusted brand that protects robotic components on production lines. We also integrate THERMOPAK® systems into aluminum smelters, oil refineries, and aerospace applications, just to name a few. In this blog post, we will take a brief look at some of the industrial applications of thermal insulated curtains.

Refrigeration Units & Fridge Blinds

Thermal insulated curtains are primarily employed as a heat barrier in applications where permanent, solid fixtures are either unsuitable or non-cost-effective. Using lightweight, high-temperature-rated fabrics allows temperature-controlled areas to be partitioned easily and effectively with substantial energy savings. Refrigeration units often use PVC curtains for partitioning and to cover doorways so as to prevent heat loss during working hours.

Food & Beverage Industry

Likewise, the food and beverage industry increasingly employ lightweight thermally-insulated curtains to preserve energy throughout temperature critical processes. In the case of perishables, refrigerated, or frozen goods, this may incorporate the entire lifespan of the product. Thermal curtains may well be employed in factories, loading dock areas, storage facilities, and so on.

Warehouse Partitioning

Static or mobile dividing curtains allow warehouse operators to run multi-functional spaces with clear partitioning between one working area and another. Optimal fire rating is critical to ensuring compliance, which is why thermally-insulated curtains are often employed in markets where temperature is not even a critical factor.

Heat Treatment

Thermal processing equipment often comes with integrated insulation but ensuring a safe working environment for employees in accordance with health and safety standards, it is often important to go the extra mile. Thermal insulted curtains offer a cost-effective way to limit heat transfer in rooms housing high-temperature equipment.

Aircraft Hangars

Owing to the scale of commercial aircraft hangars, and the low budgets of smaller facilities, the cost of comprehensive insulation can often be prohibitive. Thermal insulated curtains are often employed with additional webbing/weighting to keep them from billowing due to air currents and are coated to ensure optimal life cycles in response to adverse weathering effects.


Mid-Mountain Materials also supply fire-retardant curtains for welding applications, guaranteeing weld operator and peripheral worker safety by cutting out sparks and emissions at the source. For this, we employ specialist materials from either the ARMATEX, SILTEX, or HYTEX product lines.

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If you would like to speak with a Mid-Mountain sales representative about using thermal insulated curtains in your application, simply contact us today.