Advanced, High Performance Insulation Products

When working in hostile environments, investing in high quality insulation systems is a top priority.  Mid-Mountain Materials offers several insulation materials that can be used across a range of industrial settings.

Insulation Materials Designed and Produced by Mid-Mountain Materials

One of the most adaptive insulation materials offered by Mid-Mountain is its ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics and Textiles.  These coated fabrics are resistant to high temperatures, chemicals, and abrasion.  The ability to cut and sew these coated fabrics makes them incredibly versatile for use as blankets, custom seals, removable insulation covers, curtains, and pads.  ARMATEX®  SF 17 Premium, SF 17 Industrial and SF 32 are widely used for the fabrication of insulation pads and blankets.

For applications in higher temperature environments, Mid-Mountains SILTEX® woven silica fabric is optimal. SILTEX® withstands heats up to 1800°F, offering a higher temperature rating than fiberglass while remaining flexible, adaptable, and chemical resistant.

Faced with growing demand for thermal insulation seals, Mid-Mountain engineered a unique line of HYTEX® High-Temperature Resistant Textiles. These textiles have a continuous operating temperature from 400°F to 5000°F. Whether used on their own or with other components, these textiles are well suited for thermal sealing applications.

The CERMEX® products from Mid-Mountain Materials are created from fiberglass, silica, ceramic fiber, mineral wool, and biosoluble fiber. This proprietary blend of fibres, fillers, and binders makes CERMEX® products mechanically stable under temperatures ranging from 1000 to 2000°F. CERMEX® insulation blankets, mats, and papers can be modified for use as thermal barrier insulation.

Finally, THERMOPAK® materials represent the versatility of Mid-Mountain Materials’ product lines.  Using a combination of thermal barrier materials, Mid-Mountain customizes these THERMOPAK® products in-house to create solutions for each client’s unique specifications. THERMOPAK® products include custom sewn parts and shapes, Tadpole Tapes to protect uneven surfaces, die-cut gaskets, stress relieving blankets, welding and thermal protection blankets, log seals, hose and cable insulation sleeves, weld backing tapes, and other fabricated thermal protection products.

Use of Mid-Mountain Materials Products for Optimal Thermal Insulation Solutions

Mid-Mountain specializes in insulation blankets and covers that are customizable for a variety of industries, including fire proofing, thermal insulation, sound proofing, and weather proofing.  One of the benefits of these materials is that they are durable, weather resistant, and able to withstand a wide range of temperature and atmospheric conditions.

This means that an investment in Mid-Mountain Materials products will extend the life of the components they protect.  The most common applications include valves, heat exchanges, manways, valves, flanges, engine manifolds, pumps, exhaust silences, engine exhausts, instrumentation panels, turbines, and process piping.

Unlike permanent hard insulation, Mid-Mountain thermal blankets and covers are removable, reusable, and soft.  They protect components that are vulnerable to false readings or alarms, equipment failures, unnecessary process adjustment due to heat loss, or degradation of product quality.  In addition to protecting critical components, these insulation systems retain heat, prevent freezing, save energy from reduced heat loss, and attenuate sound.

In addition to existing product lines, Mid-Mountain continues to engineer new materials with improved strength, durability, ease of installation, cost effectiveness, thermal conductivity, sensitivity to moisture, environmental impact, and flammability.


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