Robot Arm Cover 3In extreme environments, tens of thousands of dollars of robotics equipment can be destroyed in an instant.  Protective equipment can prevent damage to machinery and reduce downtime.  Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. specializes in developing novel protective fabrics to keep robotics and related equipment safe.

Novel Design Features of ARMATEX® SBN 13-602 ROBOTEX

ARMATEX® SBN 13-602 ROBOTEX is a special aromatic polyamide woven fabric that is coated with a high performance silicone elastomer.  This combination makes the fabric exceptionally strong and resistant to damage.   Compared to traditional protective fabrics, such as aluminum coated Kevlar®, fire-retardant vinyl, or Teflon® coated fiberglass, ARMATEX® SBN 13-602 ROBOTEX has higher crystallinity and strength.  This affords the fabric a very high thermal and chemical stability, making it suitable for use in extreme environments.

What Are the Unique Advantages of ARMATEX® SBN 13-602 ROBOTEX?

ARMATEX® SBN 13-602 ROBOTEX stands apart from its competitors because of its superior strength, robot boot 2durability, and protection from extreme thermal conditions.  Other state-of-the-art properties include:

  • Excellent strength (both tensile and tear strength) even after high thermal exposure
  • Strong abrasion resistance
  • High thermal stability
  • Maintenance of high performance at both high and low temperatures
  • Unparalleled flexibility compared to traditional protective fabrics; this flexibility remains almost completely unaffected by changing temperature
  • UV resistance
  • Ozone resistance
  • Excellent resistance to a wide range of corrosive fluids and chemicals
  • Ability to weather extreme industrial environments
  • Ease of fabrication and processing
  • Excellent value


Applications for ARMATEX® SBN 13-602 ROBOTEX

This fabric was initially created for use in robotics applications in industrial settings.  To remain effective, robotics must weather extreme conditions without corroding or degrading.  Robots handle a range of tasks in demanding environments, so protective clothing must be resistant to dust, chemicals, moisture, and temperature extremes.  Protective covers prevent component failure, allow robots to operate in a larger range of conditions, and extend the operational life of the robots.

In addition to its robotics applications, ARMATEX® SBN 13-602 ROBOTEX fabric is an excellent component for a range of personal protective equipment needs, including:

  • Firefighters, who must endure high temperatures, convective and radiant heat, and flames
  • Electric companies, who need personal protective equipment to protect against electric arc flash discharge
  • Welders, to protect against metal sparks
  • Foundry workers, to protect against molten metal impacts
  • Chemical, petrochemical, and gas workers, who need equipment to protect against acidic environments
  • Glass industry workers, who need tensile strength and flexibility in cut resistant gloves


The potential applications for ARMATEX® SBN 13-602 ROBOTEX extend far beyond robotic protective clothing.   This innovative, durable fabric may benefit employees working in a range of dangerous or industrial environments.  Additionally, ARMATEX® SBN 13-602 ROBOTEX may be beneficial in nuclear settings, aeronautics, automotive industry, machining, painting, foundry work, surface treatment, and food industries.

The Future of ARMATEX® SBN 13-602 ROBOTEX Fabric

Mid-Mountains Materials, Inc. has anticipated the technological improvements that will drive robotics and automated components into a range of industries.  Because the up-front cost for robotics is high, it is imperative for corporations to preserve their investment with protective robotics clothing.


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