Ceramic insulation blankets are used across several industries in many heat processing applications. These blankets are produced with ceramic fibers of various chemical compositions and are designed to withstand extreme temperatures to offer protection for both equipment and personnel. Throughout this article, we will look at what ceramic insulation blankets are and what advantages they provide.

Ceramic insulation blankets are primarily used to insulate equipment and mechanisms in refractory environments and in petrochemical applications, reformer furnaces, tube seals, and more. The fibers used to manufacture these blankets are interwoven by the blow spinning technique and, as a result, are flexible and provide outstanding strength.

A ceramic insulation blanket’s critical features include operating temperature up to 2300oF (1260oC), exceptionally high strength and reusability properties. In the following section, we will look at the advantages of a ceramic insulation blanket in more depth.

There are plenty of advantages of ceramic insulation blankets, regardless of where or in which industries they are used. One of the key benefits is that they are used to protect machinery and keep workers safe from harm, but let us look at some of the additional advantages.

Extending Service Life
Insulation blankets can help extend the life of equipment in several ways. Aside from retaining heat from the machinery, insulation blankets help protect the equipment from accidents and external conditions. By protecting the equipment, you should be able to extend its service life.

Improving Workplace Safety
As insulation blankets can be used as a protective layer, they will reduce employees’ chances of exposure to the equipment’s extreme temperatures. Potential harm from uninsulated equipment could include burns, skin damage and worse, fatalities.

Reducing Costs
Insulating equipment can help your company reduce both short and long-term costs. Costs are saved because heat will be retained, less waste will be produced and protecting the kit will save on unplanned downtime and the need to replace it too soon.

Regulating Temperatures
Insulation blankets can be fitted around pipes and other components to retain heat and maintain temperatures. Pipe insulation is crucial for keeping the workplace safe and ensuring your equipment is protected because pipes that are too hot could cause burns, and if they are too cold, they are at risk of cracking or freezing.

Saving Energy
Using insulating materials prevents heat loss and reduces energy bills. By saving energy, the company can focus on other business areas.

Mid-Mountain manufactures a range of insulation materials specifically designed for high-temperature applications. Through our CERMEX® range, we provide thermal insulation products such as insulation blankets, mats and papers that have several main features.

In-Service Temperatures from 1000°F (538°C) to 2300°F (1260°C)
Low Heat Storage
Low Thermal Conductivity
Resistant to Thermal Shock
Suitable for Multiple Applications
However, additional insulation solutions are available through our extensive range of ARMATEX®, SILTEX®, HYTEX®, and CERMEX® products.

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