There are many industrial processes that exude or transfer heat throughout components. Excess heat that is not controlled can damage machinery, negatively impact processes, and cause harm to humans. Therefore, offering the right protection is key. Thermal insulation tape is used in various applications to provide thermal protection and control heat transfer. This post will look at when to use thermal insulation tapes and what they offer.

What is Thermal Insulation Tape?

Thermal insulation tape is typically manufactured with fiberglass to create a barrier around or between objects. The tape is thermally-resistant and designed to reduce the amount of heat that is transferred between components or to prevent the transfer completely. In addition to fiberglass,insulation tape can also be made with a selection of adhesives or coatings, depending on its intended use. One of the main benefits of thermal insulation tape is that it can be used in a wide range of applications, which we will look at in the following section.

When should Thermal Insulation Tape be used?

There are multiple reasons why thermal insulation tape could be used, with energy saving being top of the list. Insulation tape is used to prevent heat from being lost or transferred to places it shouldn’t be. Some of the key applications include fireproofing, heat shielding, high-temperature processes, thermal conductivity, and tube or pipe insulation.


Due to its high heat and flame resistance, thermal insulation tape is designed for use in oven seals, furnace seals, and other high-heat applications. Our HYTEX® 100 fiberglass industrial materials are one such example, as its properties allow heat resistance up to 1000oF / 538oC and will not burn, shrink or rot.

Heat Shielding

Insulation tapes can be ideal for heat shielding and engine exhaust covers because of their high strength and chemical resistance. Using thermal insulation tape for heat shielding will prevent heat from transferring onto the exterior of components, reducing the risk of harm to humans.

Thermal Conductivity

Thermal insulation tapes help to maintain temperatures throughout industrial processes. Whether heat needs to be transferred at a specific temperature or to a cooler section, insulation tape does this to protect key components.

Tube or Pipe Insulation

The role of insulation tape in pipe and tubing networks is it helps to reduce heat loss. Typically, the benefit of thermal insulation tape on piping is saving heat, which then saves money. An additional benefit is that insulation tape protects pipes from extremely cold temperatures that often result in freezing, condensation, or burst pipes.


Mid-Mountain designs and manufactures a collection of thermal insulation products suitable for multiple industries. Our insulation line includes ropes, sleeves, fabrics, and tapes, all of which can be modified to meet your specific requirements.

Mid-Mountain thermal insulation tapes are offered under our three main product lines.

  • ARMATEX® Coated Tapes
  • THERMOPAK® Woven Tadpole Gaskets
  • HYTEX® 1000 Woven Tapes

Through these, the insulation tapes meet the high thermal demands of industrial processes. They are frequently used in metal works and welding lines, in products such as thermal insulating jackets, oven door seals, gaskets, and other applications.

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