Fiberglass ropes combine ultimate flexibility with exceptional thermal resistances. They are manufactured by braiding or knitting fiberglass yarn into tightly-woven textiles in diameters of 1/8” to 2”. Mid-Mountain Materials produces fiberglass ropes from E-glass, which exhibits exceptional dielectric strength, high chemical resistances, and continued tensile strength at extreme temperatures – with a continuous limit of 1000°F (538°C) and a maximum short-term upper use limit of 1500°F (815°C). Our fiberglass ropes are guaranteed to not burn or smolder, to maintain their flexibility and size throughout fluctuating temperature applications, and to resist gradual corrosive elements such as rot.


Fiberglass Rope

Fiberglass rope for sealing applications

Given these comprehensive mechanical strengths and high degrees of formability, fiberglass ropes are commonly used as high temperature sealants for kilns and ovens, and thermally-resistant industrial packing.

Fiberglass Ropes as Sealants

Fiberglass ropes are a novel solution to various thermal sealing applications, providing a non-permanent thus easily replaceable, high-temperature resistant seal for stoves and furnaces of all styles and sizes. They can be twisted, knit, or woven, and in round or square dimensions, providing a choice of surface-area contact specifications suitable for different applications. Various fiberglass ropes are excellent for use in gas fireplaces, providing excellent resistance to heat.

HYTEX® 1000 Fiberglass Ropes have also been implemented in manufacturing environments with vastly increased temperature requirements. It can meet the demanding industrial values of refractory environments, with square-braids suitable for application as sealants in primary aluminum smelters.  These ropes can also be silicone coated, which increases the abrasion resistant properties.

Fiberglass Ropes for Industrial Packing

Industrial packing, or compression packing, typically uses pliable material with excellent resistant properties to multiple environmental or industrial factors to effectively seal mechanical components, including: valves, pumps, and rotary equipment. Such applications require industrial textiles with superb abrasion resistance and a low susceptibility to fraying throughout its use.

Mid-Mountain’s HYTEX® 1000 Fiberglass Ropes display the required ductility, strength, and resistances to support mechanical processes through compression packing of mechanical equipment such as industrial agitators.

Fiberglass Ropes from Mid-Mountain Materials

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. are pioneers in the development and manufacture of high-temperature resistant textiles and fabrics for a multitude of industrial and commercial applications. We provide a broad choice of manufacturing solutions, designing and supplying the best quality thermal insulation materials for every application.

Our HYTEX® 1000 Fiberglass Ropes are available to a range of customizable specifications, with established applications in the industrial sealing of high-temperature equipment and for the packing of mechanical components. If you would like any more information, please feel free to contact us.