Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. is a manufacturer of high-temperature resistant materials for various applications. One of these application areas is welding, and we provide a selection of materials that can be used for the purpose of welding protection.



Our ARMATEX® range of coated fabrics and textiles have a wide range of uses including welding protection. This range includes a variety of different fabrics that all provide various benefits, including silicone and vermiculite, which are popular for use in welding protection.

The fabrics, coated with silicone or vermiculite are specifically engineered for use in environments that require heat and flame resistance, making them perfect for use as welding curtains used to contain the weld environment and protect any passersby from weld splatter.  These fabrics have excellent resistance against sparks, molten splash, and flame impingement, making them an obvious choice for use in welding protection. These properties are beneficial for welding blankets, that require a high level of heat resistance to protect the welder and any machinery around the weld.

As a welding protection solution, ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics are available in weights from 7 oz to 100 oz, and the base materials include both fiberglass and silica.


The SILTEX® range of materials is high-temperature resistant woven silica and textiles that have a continuous operating temperature of 1800oF. These fabrics are comprised of high purity, high strength 96% amorphous silica fibers, which allow them to provide outstanding performance in applications where E-glass fabrics would often fail.

These properties make SILTEX® products exceptionally useful for welding curtains. They are available in either 18voz or 36voz and can be coated with silicone or other specialty compounds.

Welding Protection Solutions

Choosing the right material for your welding protection application is crucial to ensure the safety of welders and people nearby. Mid-Mountain manufactures a range of products that can provide excellent welding protection. If you would like any information about our range of fabrics perfect for use in welding applications, please contact us.