Before discussing aluminum protection, it is important to offer an explanation of what is meant by ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ in the production, treatment, and application of the metal.

The term ‘primary aluminum’ refers to the forging of the metal from raw alumina. Then, utilizing the Hall–Héroult electrolytic reduction process, the collaborative compound is smelted to create aluminum alloys.

‘Secondary aluminum’ involves the highly ecological process of recycling scrap aluminum to restore and revitalize its original pristine properties. It is substantially more energy-efficient and cost-effective than primary aluminum production, and dramatically improves the industry’s sustainable credentials.

Aluminum Protection for a Greener Planet

Naturally, secondary production cannot occur without primary production so our prime concern is how to make sure the products we provide ensure safe manufacturing practices in primary smelters.

Despite its obvious benefits and multitude of practical daily uses, aluminum has been criticized for the environmental expense of its manufacture. The painstaking multi-stage process involved in the making of this malleable metal has drawn widespread criticism from environmental health organizations who view it as not worth the trouble.

At Mid-Mountain, our team of experts continues to develop products to assist smelters in avoiding costly and unwanted overproduction. We have come up with a variety of aluminum protection products to ensure this valuable metal can be created with conservation measures to extend its life and usefulness.

Aluminum Protection Products

At Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. our remit is the development of high-temperature resistant, chemical resistant, and abrasion resistant textiles for high-end industrial applications. We have spent years fabricating and supplying a diverse portfolio of materials for advanced aluminum processing and environmental control.

With ideas and innovations for all aluminum protection needs, some of our greatest successes and triumphs include seals for use in carbon bake, cast houses, and potlines, as well as high-temperature adhesives and moldables for primary aluminum.  Tray pads have been very successful in protecting aluminum coils during transport in secondary aluminum smelters.

Thermopak Tray Pad

THERMOPAK® Seals for Primary Aluminum Production

Using the very best THERMOPAK® Seals allows you, the customer, to have confidence in the protection of your processes.  Known for strength and durability under sustained high temperatures and extreme operating conditions,  the seals we manufacture act as an impenetrable barrier to the process they are safeguarding.  Our patented THERMOPAK® External Cathode Bar Seal Boots are excellent for use in Cast Houses, and our THERMOPAK® Flexible Exhaust Manifold Boots control the heat and gasses present in Carbon Bake Plants.

THERMOSEAL® Moldables and Cements

Formed through highly-refined refractory fiber technology, our THERMOSEAL® Moldables and Cements provide the latest in cutting-edge aluminum protection. Used as an adhesive to install  THERMOPAK® External Cathode Bar Seal Boots,  THERMOSEAL® Moldbales and Cements can be used to prevent the intrusion of any damaging elements or act as added protection to prevent the escape of valuable energies in the process.


Our range of  THERMOPAK® Tray Pads are protective products that limit the likelihood of damage to aluminum coils, slabs, and sheets, thus reducing bruising and in-house scrap in the transportation process.

At Mid-Mountain, we are aware of the need to conserve energy and provide both personnel and environmental safety in mass aluminum production. That’s why we are striving tirelessly to provide environmentally conscious and energy-efficient products that enhance aluminum production.  Contact us for more information.