Mechanical gaskets are used to seal the voids and mating surfaces between components in high-temperature applications. The mating surfaces of furnace doors, flues, or thermal piping must be correctly sealed to maintain optimal levels of device efficiency and reduce the impact of energy wastage and environmental emissions. This is often achieved via the application of die-cut gaskets tailored for specific thermodynamic conditions.

Industrial sectors worldwide are subject to increasing pressure to simultaneously reduce their energy consumption and environmental pollution while increasing production output. This concerted industry push towards improved sustainability requires components and production processes with vastly improved capabilities.


This blog post will explore how die-cut gaskets are manufactured and outline the advanced capacities of Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.’s advanced thermal seals in more detail:

Die-Cutting Explained

The process of die-cutting involves feeding a continuous web of flexible material such as fiberglass textile through a flatbed chamber or across a rotary drum. Hydraulic cutting equipment is then used to perforate or shear pre-defined shapes from the material with high degrees of efficiency. This technique is routinely used to cut shapes from thin sheet metal, to create thin laminate perforations for stickers, and to fabricate highly functional die-cut gaskets.

The primary benefit of die-cutting is the ability to machine uniquely profiled shapes from tough, flexible materials without reducing the physical integrity of the product. Shear stress from conventional cutting methods can cause mechanical deformation that damages both the thermal and chemical efficiency of a thermal seal. This reduces the gasket’s ability to create an airtight barrier capable of reducing heat loss and emissions output.

Die-cut gaskets can be successfully machined using a range of finished and unfinished materials, including: fiberglass textile; silica; calcium-silicate; neoprene; rubber; and sponge. These materials can be fabricated as unique shapes with considerations for mechanical fixings to reduce the risk of material degradation due to penetration. This provides superior thermal insulation for high-temperature sealing applications, improving thermal efficiency in temperature-critical processes and supporting the reduction of gas emissions and energy wastage.

Die-Cut Gaskets from Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

At Mid-Mountain, we offer a broad range of thermal insulation solutions for high-temperature applications. THERMOPAK® Die-Cut Gaskets are our proprietary range of die-cut thermal seals designed for vertical integration into any facility with demanding thermodynamic conditions.

Discover more about our THERMOPAK® Die-Cut Gaskets here, or alternatively, contact us if you would like any more information about using our unique die-cut gaskets in your facility.