Fiberglass is a material made of fibers of glass that are woven into a texture that causes it to trap pockets of air.  This results in a fabric with low density and high thermal insulation properties.

This thermal insulation property makes fiberglass a useful fabric in applications that require a high level of temperature resistance, and a thermal barrier. Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. supplies a range of fiberglass fabrics suitable for this purpose.

HYTEX 1000 Woven Fiberglass Fabric


Our HYTEX® range of fabrics are high-temperature resistant textiles that are constructed of a number of different materials in different configurations depending on the application. This range includes two fiberglass products, HYTEX® 1000 and HYTEX® 1400.

HYTEX® 1000 fiberglass fabrics are made from e-glass yarns and have a continuous operating temperature of 1000oF. If the product is intended for short-term use, the operating temperature can reach 1500oF

HYTEX® 1000 fiberglass fabrics are chemical resistant, have high dielectric strength, and maintain a high level of tensile strength at high temperatures.

The products we produce from e-glass include fiberglass cloth, tape, sleeving, and rope in woven, knit, or braided configurations.

This range also features high-temperature resistant fiberglass fabrics that are specifically used as removable and reusable insulation blankets and pads in the insulation industry.  Fiberglass fabrics have excellent thermal insulation properties and abrasion resistance, low smoke emission, and they can be heat treated to reduce fraying when they undergo fabrication.  HYTEX® 1000 Fiberglass fabrics can be laminated with foil or heat-treated to better enhance the temperature resistant properties when being used for insulation pads and insulation blankets.

HYTEX® 1400 was developed for use in applications where products that are produced from e-glass yarns, like HYTEX® 1000, would usually fail.  This fabric is made from low-alkali fiberglass yarn and has a continuous operating temperature of 1400oF. If the intended use of this product is short-term the operating temperature can reach 2000oF, and the melting point of this fiberglass fabric is 2700oF.

Fabrics in this range have high strength, excellent dimensional stability, a high level of abrasion and chemical resistance, and weigh very little.  HYTEX 1400® fabrics can also be laminated with foil or applied with coatings to enhance the thermal and abrasion properties.  This product range includes cloth, sleeving, tape, and rope in woven, braided and knit configurations.

In addition to our HYTEX family of fiberglass fabrics, we also offer a selection of fiberglass papers and mats with a continuous operating temperature of 1000oF. Our CERMEX® fiberglass products are produced from non-respirable, high purity e-glass fibers, and are perfect for applications including die-cut gaskets for thermal barriers.  Please visit our website for more information on our CERMEX® product line.

Fiberglass Fabrics from Mid Mountain

Mid Mountain supply a large range of thermal insulation textiles, including the fiberglass fabrics mentioned in this post.  If you would like any information about this range of products please, contact us.