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Why Nomex® is Ideal for Cable Sleeves on Satellites

By |2023-10-11T08:26:51-07:00October 11th, 2023|

Few working environments are as unforgiving as the vacuum of space. As with any frontier, there are enduring challenges associated with the space industry. Efficient propulsion. Reliable communication. Protection of assets deployed at low earth orbit (LEO) and above. It's a multifaceted challenge that has grown more complex, yet also more manageable, over time. This [...]

Applications of Polyurethane Coated Fabrics

By |2023-08-16T03:19:29-07:00August 16th, 2023|

The health risks to workers in industrial factories with insufficient safety measures for chemical exposure is well-known. One family of chemical compounds under particular scrutiny recently is perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Sometimes colloquially known as ‘forever chemicals’, PFAS are often used as coatings for industrial textiles to improve strength, durability, and chemical and water [...]

Managing Diesel Exhaust Extraction While at Port

By |2023-06-21T23:55:53-07:00June 21st, 2023|

Diesel exhaust emissions pose a significant threat to air quality and human health. The toxic components found in diesel exhaust, such as particulate matter and nitrogen oxides, can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular problems. Because of this, managing diesel exhaust extraction effectively is of utmost importance, especially in port environments where diesel engines power various [...]

Fabricating Exhaust Ducts Using Silicone-Coated Textiles

By |2023-06-14T04:02:41-07:00June 1st, 2023|

Many industries rely on high-quality exhaust ducts for commercial and industrial systems, including chemical processing plants, HVAC systems, industrial chimneys and more. It is crucial that exhaust ducts are highly resistant to chemicals and corrosion, can withstand high temperatures and pressures, and have a long service life to keep operations running efficiently with minimal issues. [...]

Key Benefits of Fiberglass Rope Insulation

By |2023-06-05T16:19:52-07:00May 18th, 2023|

Fiberglass rope is a flexible and versatile insulation material used in applications across numerous industries. Fiberglass rope insulation is made with high-quality glass that has been specifically manufactured to provide exceptional properties. The properties include outstanding flexibility, chemical and thermal resistance, and dielectric and tensile strength, enabling high performance under extreme temperatures. As a result, [...]

Where is Fabric Insulation Used on Ships?

By |2023-05-23T15:27:22-07:00May 9th, 2023|

Container vessels, cruise liners, ferries, and naval ships of all stripes are complex structures with stringent requirements when it comes to design. All the interconnected subsystems and components must work together efficiently to ensure the whole vessel functions properly. Naturally, the most critical elements in this regard are the large-scale architectural elements like the hull [...]

High Heat Rope for Temperatures Above 392°F/200°C

By |2023-04-03T14:40:28-07:00March 14th, 2023|

Industries continue to push the boundaries of high-temperature applications, chasing greater throughput, process efficiency, and – of course – more sustainable practices. Therefore, the demand for reliable and durable insulation solutions has never been greater. High heat rope has emerged as a critical component in many application areas due to its versatility. Numerous high-temperature materials [...]

What Makes Fiberglass So Heat Resistant?

By |2023-05-25T15:48:35-07:00January 31st, 2023|

In high-temperature applications, it is crucial to have adequate thermal insulation and fire-resistant materials. Fiberglass is one such material that can offer both of those properties and many others. Comprising glass fibers, silica sand, and plastic, fiberglass is a versatile material that can be knitted or woven into a wide range of forms that resist [...]

When to use Thermal Insulation Tape

By |2023-01-23T20:23:18-08:00January 23rd, 2023|

There are many industrial processes that exude or transfer heat throughout components. Excess heat that is not controlled can damage machinery, negatively impact processes, and cause harm to humans. Therefore, offering the right protection is key. Thermal insulation tape is used in various applications to provide thermal protection and control heat transfer. This post will [...]

Mid-Mountain’s Manufacturing Journey of Coated Fabrics

By |2023-12-05T08:12:22-08:00November 30th, 2022|

Textile manufacturing has a storied history. It was at the heart of the first industrial revolution, with mechanized cotton spinning representing one of the earliest automation technologies. Repetitive tasks that once required human labor–such as reeling and bundling–could now be subsidized with machinery, increasing worker outputs by a factor of almost 500. Innovation didn’t stop [...]

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