Mid-Mountain manufactures an extensive array of custom fabricated sewn parts and shapes for use thermal barriers, as well as applications that require a thermal barrier that is abrasion resistant and/or chemical resistant.

Fabricated  from a variety of high-temperature resistant materials including blankets and mats, coated fabrics, and specialty fabrics,  THERMOPAK® Custom Sewn Parts and Shapes can be made specific to your application conditions.   Products include:

Tadpole Gaskets
Removable/Reusable Insulation Blankets
Expansion Joints
Door Seals
Thermal Jacketing
Heat Shields
High-Temperature Resistant Seals
Stress Relieving Blankets
Diesel Engine Exhaust Covers
External Cathode Bar Seals
Tray Pads
Flexible Exhaust Manifold Boots
Thermal Protection Blankets
Splash Curtains
Welding Curtains, Welding Blankets and Welding Pads (with FM 4950 certified materials)