THERMOPAK® Weld Backing Tape

THERMOPAK® GD AND GDX Weld Backing Tapes are excellent for use in one-side fusion butt welding of aluminum and magnesium alloy plate and structures to produce a use-ready contamination-free weld of high uniformity with the addition of filler wire.

Manufactured of flexible lightweight double wall refractory tubing affixed along the centerline of and adhesive-coated high temperature tape, THERMOPAK® GD Weld Backing Tape is a standard backing tape for use with work not requiring 100% radiographic inspection. THERMOPAK® GDX Weld Backing Tape is a unique product intended to minimize or eliminate radiographic interference patterns in extremely critical work by the almost total elimination if pattern transfer and micro inclusions through surface stabilization of the contact areas.

Simple to apply and readily conformable to complex and tight configurations use, THERMOPAK® GD and GDX Weld Backing Tapes eliminate the need for rigid back-up devices and supports, minimizing set-up time. In addition, positive high temperature weld line support provides freedom from localized thermal degradation failure. This helps prevent molten metal drop-through and assists in the production of smooth, minimum defect underbeads with little or no machining.

Aerospace quality weldments with reduced or zero pattern transfer from backing tape to work allows up to 100% radiographic inspection with the use of THERMOPAK® GDX Weld Backing Tape.