THERMOSEAL® Thermal Coatings

Thermoseal® Thermal Coatings are high-temperature coatings excellent for use as protection against flame erosion, molten metal corrosion, and thermal spalling. Our coatings are easily applied by rolling, dipping, or spraying.

Product NameConfigurationContinuous
Use Limit
Technical Data SheetSafety Data SheetSpecifications
THERMOSEAL® Refractory Cements, Moldables and Coatings
THERMOSEAL® P110Thermal Coating2300°F • 1260°C
THERMOSEAL® P120Thermal Coating2300°F • 1260°C
THERMOSEAL® P130Thermal Coating2300°F • 1260°C
THERMOSEAL® P162Thermal Coating500°F • 260°C