THERMOSEAL® Thermal Coatings

Thermoseal® Thermal Coatings are high-temperature coatings that provide excellent corrosion resistance against flames, molten metal, and thermal spalling. They are easily applied by rolling, dipping, or spraying.

The Thermoseal® Thermal Coatings are available in a range of formulations, to suit exact application requirements, and they have a use limit range from 500oF • 260oC to 2300oF • 1260oC.

Product NameConfigurationContinuous
Use Limit
Technical Data SheetSafety Data SheetSpecifications
THERMOSEAL® Refractory Cements, Moldables and Coatings
THERMOSEAL® P110Thermal Coating2300°F • 1260°C
THERMOSEAL® P120Thermal Coating2300°F • 1260°C
THERMOSEAL® P130Thermal Coating2300°F • 1260°C
THERMOSEAL® P162Thermal Coating500°F • 260°C Available
upon request