THERMOSEAL® Refractory Moldables


THERMOSEAL® Refractory Moldables are high-temperature resistant mixes designed for use as molten non-ferrous trough linings, furnace lining repair and patching, and fireplace applications.

Available in both high density and low density formulas, THERMOSEAL® Refractory Moldables can be formed into shapes, pushed into cracks and holes, or spread into thin sections as surface coatings.

The refractory moldables are available in a range of consistencies suited to many applications, including dry moldable, pumpable moldable, and non-wetting moldable.

Product NameConsistencyContinuous Use Limit
(°F • °C)
Technical Data SheetSafety Data Sheet
THERMOSEAL® M22 Dry Moldable Dry Moldable2300°F • 1260°C
THERMOSEAL® M22Pumpable Moldable2300°F • 1260°C
THERMOSEAL® M33Moldable1830°F • 1000°CUpon request
THERMOSEAL® M44Non-wetting Moldable1830°F • 1000°C
THERMOSEAL® M75Non-wetting Moldable1830°F • 1000°CUpon request
THERMOSEAL® M100-SSMoldable2000°F • 1095°C
THERMOSEAL® M244Moldable1800°F • 982°CUpon request
THERMOSEAL® M254 R-3Moldable1000°F • 538°CUpon request
THERMOSEAL® M295 R-1Moldable2000°F • 1095°CUpon request
THERMOSEAL® M669Moldable2300°F • 1260°CUpon request