Thermopak Tray PadOur THERMOPAK® Tray Pads are high temperature, high durability pads used to protect aluminum coils, slabs and plate from damage by direct contact with steel transport trays, V-racks, sling trays and rail cars during annealing, transport, cooling and storage of the aluminum.

Movement of the aluminum on these steel surfaces, especially the hot aluminum, results in contact surface abrasions and denting commonly referred to as “bruising”, resulting in significantly increased scrap aluminum. Use of our tray pads eliminates most of these problems and reduces scrap generated by in-house handling methods of the aluminum.

Mid-Mountain currently supplies four standard styles of THERMOPAK® Tray Pads depending on the type of usage and temperature requirements of our customers. Our ARMATEX® QF40 Clear style tray pad is our most durable rated for 1000 F • 538°C. Our FIRESTAR® 35 style is our most economical tray pad for use to 1000° F • 538°C . Our HYTEX® 1400 style tray pad is rated for 1400°F • 760°C and is frequently used in higher temperature environments such as the annealing furnaces. Our HYTEX® 700 style tray pad is the most durable of all these styles used for aluminum at lower temperatures of 450°F • 232°C or less.