Specialty Coated Fabrics

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. manufactures advanced, high-performance coated fabrics for use in unique applications across a broad range of industries. Utilizing some of the most advanced fibers, specialized weaves, and a variety of blends and coatings, our specialty line of ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics deliver not only superior heat protection, but have exceptional durability and resistance to chemicals, abrasion and weathering.

In partnership with our customers, Mid-Mountain has developed innovative, specialty coated fabrics for use in technical applications such as air cargo covers, air bags, robot protective covers, aircraft jet bridges,  and temporary wilderness shelters. In addition to fiberglass and silica substrates, we utilize specialty fabrics including Nomex®, Kevlar®, nylon, carbon, and aramid blends, and coat with a variety of high-temperature, chemical and abrasion resistant coatings.

Armatex SBN 13-062 Robotex Silicone Coatd Fabric

Robot Protective Covers

Robots improve the quality of work by taking over dangerous, tedious and dirty jobs that are not possible, or safe, for humans to perform. But today’s complex manufacturing processes put Robotic equipment in danger, therefore it is extremely important to protect the robotic equipment in damaging and abusive environments. In response to this need, we developed ARMATEX® SBN 13-602 ROBOTEX™, which is used in the fabrication of Robotic Protective Covers as a means to protect the investment of the robot and reduce maintenance related downtime.

Developed with a very high strength polyamide base fabric and a high performance coating, ARMATEX® SBN 13-602 ROBOTEX™ has uncompromising flexibility, as well as very high strength and resistance to extreme conditions. Testing has concluded that ROBOTEX™ lasts longer than conventional robot clothes, and maintains its integrity in severe conditions.  In addition to manufacturing the coated fabric, Mid-Mountain has the capability to fabricate the robot clothes as well.

Armatex SF2-12NF (2)

Cargo Protection

Following federal investigation into fire-related freighter accidents, Mid-Mountain developed a coated fabric that contains deadly smoke and fire in cargo bays, preventing the fire from escalating.  Manufactured using a high performance fiberglass fabric and an innovative polymer coating,  ARMATEX® SF2 12-NF can be used as flexible cargo containers, pallet covers, smoke curtains, and cargo liners for aircraft.  It has enhanced strength and flame resistant properties, and is both weather and UV Resistant.  Lightweight and flexible, ARMATEX® SF2 12-NF is ideal for use in any application that requires a fire retardant material.

SilverStar 10 Rev 2

Ideal for use in Thermal Insulation Blankets and Pads

If you have an application where aesthetics are important, and both high temperature resistance and abrasion resistance are required, ARMATEX® SilverStar is the perfect solution.  Developed in response to the demand for a more aesthetically pleasing fabric, ARMATEX® SilverStar has increased thermal properties due to the reflective coating, and a very unique weave pattern which sets it apart from other coated fabrics available in the industry today.


A Trip to Mars

In 2020, NASA is preparing to test a Supersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator (SIAD) that may be capable of landing larger aircraft on Mars. The SIAD-E is inflated by a combination of gas generators and ram air inlets, allowing it to fully deploy in less than 2 seconds in conditions up to Mach 4.  Mid-Mountain was asked to overcome the challenge of coating a silicone compound onto a heat sensitive, dimensionally unstable braided fabric.  Our engineers developed a unique coating technique that achieved this goal, without applying high heat or web tension, making it a crucial part of the next Mars Lander Project.


UV, Weather Resistant and Fire Resistant Aircraft Jet Bridges

ARMATEX® SF37 Jetstar was developed specifically for use in flexible closure assemblies for aircraft jet bridges. This coated fabric exhibits superior strength as well as flexibility, and is highly resistant to abrasion, fire and weathering, which makes it an ideal product for any type of flexible closure assembly, including those used in ports. In addition, ARMATEX® SF37 Jetstar meets or exceeds the requirements of NFPA Specifications 417, 255 and 701, and is classified as “Class A” per NFPA 101, Life Safety Code.

Behind all of the specialty coated fabrics we have developed was a customer who had a unique application requirement that could not be addressed with a standard coated fabric. Research and Development is at the core of what we do, and we would be happy to assist you with a solution tailored to your needs.