Thermal Insulation Barriers
and Heat Shields

Mid-Mountain manufactures a range of different products, including fabrics that can be used as thermal insulation barriers or heat shields. We can manufacture these products to exact specifications, and the materials used to make the thermal insulation barriers and heat shields include fiberglass fabrics, silica fabrics, coated fabrics, fiberglass mat, silica mat, and various other components.

Woven and Fabricated Tadpole Tape
Furnace entry and exit door curtains
Removable/reusable insulation pads/blankets
Die Cut Gaskets
Furnace heat zone dividers
Induction furnace coil protection
Furnace pads and separators
Thermal expansion joints
Hot gas duct insulation
Insulating blankets for field stress relieving

Give us a call with the specifics of your application, and our sales team and engineers can work with you to develop a thermal insulation barrier or heat shield unique to your application.  Our vertical integration ensures competitive pricing, and our manufacturing quality and customer service is backed by our ISO 9001:2015 certification.