Customer driven. Innovative. Experienced.

Since 1976, our mission remains firm:  to be the most innovative and competitive manufacturer of high-temperature resistant materials, exceeding our customers’ expectations of quality, service and product performance.

Our customers are at the forefront of everything we do.  They are the reason for our success, and what drives our commitment to the highest quality, and innovative ideas.   We work closely with our customers, building long-term relationships by providing solutions and service to best fit their needs.  We stand behind our products, and with ISO 9001:2008 certification of our Quality Management System, our customers have confidence their products are manufactured with the highest quality.

Mid-Mountain began manufacturing fiberglass tapes and ropes as an alternative to the use of asbestos as high-temperature seals.  Our commitment to research and development and innovative problem-solving has allowed us to encompass applications ranging from disposable welding cloth to air bag materials for spacecraft.    And the many, many applications in-between.   If a standard product does not meet your applications requirements, we will commit ourselves to finding a solution that does.

Our manufacturing experience, combined with our vertical integration and diverse materials base, gives us the opportunity to produce cost-effective solutions, custom or standard.    We have a long-standing team to engineer, source, manufacture and provide service to a very broad customer base, and we welcome the opportunity for you to put our experience to work.





Coated Fabrics and Textiles

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc, has been the leading provider of precision knife-over-roll and dip coating technologies for over 30 years.   Our advanced, high-performance coated fabrics and industrial coated fabrics are used in many applications across a broad range of industries. Utilizing some of the most advanced fibers, specialized weaves, and a variety of blends and […]

Silica Fabric and Textiles

Woven silica fabric and textiles

Refractory Cements, Moldable and Coatings

THERMOSEAL Cements, Moldables and Coatings are used for a wide variety of applications including furnace and oven door repair, furnace lining repair, and for use in any high temperature sealing application with fluctuating heat conditions.  Manufactured from refractory fibers, our Thermoseal products have low shrinkage, excellent thermal properties, high strength, and can withstand thermal expansion […]

High Temperature Resistant Textiles

Mid-Mountain offers a variety of woven, braided and knit textiles designed for use where high-temperature resistant seals and barriers are required.   With a continuous use limit ranging from 400°F • 204°C to 5000°F • 3762° C, our HYTEX® Textiles are comprised of varying substrates are available in  various forms such as fabric, rope, tape, and sleevings.

Thermal Insulation Materials

Mid-Mountain provides a wide range of materials for use thermal barriers in high temperature applications.   With a continuous use limit range of 1000°F • 538°C to 2300°F • 1260°C, CERMEX® Thermal Insulation Materials come in various forms such as paper, blanket and mat, and are excellent for use as die cut gaskets and seals.