Fire Protective Coated Fabrics

Mid-Mountain manufactures flexible, fire protective coated fabrics for use in applications such as air cargo covers, fire doors, smoke barriers and construction protective barriers.

Armatex SIF 24

ARMATEX® SIF Coated Fabrics are manufactured with a fiberglass fabric coated one side with an intumescent coating, and the other side with a silicone rubber coating.   The result is a very durable, flexible, fire protective fabric that offers increased resistance to flame, moisture and mildew, and dirt.   ARMATEX® SIF Coated Fabrics Series are also very UV resistant, therefore excellent products for both indoor or outdoor use.

ARMATEX® SIF 24 AND ARMATEX® SIF 28 can be manufactured in accordance with MIL-I-24244 • ASTM E84 • ASTM E162 • NFPA 101 Class A  NFPA 255 • FAR 125.853 Vertical Burn Test • NFPA 417

Armatex SF2-12NF (3)

ARMATEX®SF2 12-NF is manufactured with a high performance fiberglass fabric coated with an innovative polymer coating that enhances the fire protective characteristics.  With high UV and weather resistance, ARMATEX®SF2 12-NF is deal for use where a lightweight, flexible fire protective fabric is needed.

ARMATEX®SF2 12-NF can be manufactured in accordance with ASTM E84 • ASTM E162 • FAR 25.853.

Use Limit
Data Sheet
Data Sheet
SIF 24
Intumescent/Silicone Coated
Fiberglass Fabric
1000°F • 538°C
SIF 28
Intumescent/Silicone Coated
Fiberglass Fabric
1000°F • 538°C
SF2 12-NF
Polymer Coated High
Performance Fiberglass Fabric
1400°F • 760°C


Refractory fire-resistant
No odor
Low heat release
Low smoke
UV and weather resistant
Excellent durability and washability
Very flexible for ease of use in fabrication