Emissions Control

Mid-Mountain manufactures thermal insulation barriers and environmental protection products that reduce emissions,  conserve energy, and protect our environment.

Our vertical integration gives us the capability of fabricating blankets, curtains and seals from a variety of materials that are tailored to your specific application,  acting as barriers against pollution, heat, moisture, chemicals and abrasion.  Widely used in  the aluminum industry, our emissions control products can be used in environments where pollution is an issue.

Our proprietary line of ARMATEX® QF and SQF Coated Fabrics are ideal for use in emissions control applications.  The heavy weight of the fabric combined with our Q-Mix coating results in a material that has excellent thermal insulation properties, abrasion resistance, and durability.

•  ARMATEX® SQF 100 Emission Control Seals are used on end doors and side shields on pot cells.

•  Anode Bar Gaskets are used to reduce emissions in Pot Rooms.

•  Flexible Exhaust Manifold Boots are used in Carbon Bake plants to reduce emissions.

•  Flexible Connectors for main exhaust ducts reduce emissions in Pot Rooms.

•  Access Door Seals and Inspection Port Seals pull fumes and dust off pot lines.

• ARMATEX® QF Roll-up Cloth Doors for Rotary Furnaces