For 42 years, Mid-Mountain has been providing high-temperature solutions and insulation materials for applications that require high temperature resistance, as well as chemical and/or abrasion resistance.  With engineering capabilities and a commitment to research and development, we can offer a custom solution for applications where standard products aren’t suitable.

Insulation Materials

Coated Fabrics and Textiles:    Welding Protection  •  Insulation Pads and Blankets  •  Heat Protective Covers and Seals

•  Abrasion and/or Chemical Resistant Curtains and Blankets  •  High-temperature Resistant Seals and Barriers

Silica Fabric and Textiles:    Welding Safety  •  Insulation Pads and Blankets  •  Diesel Exhaust Engine Covers

Custom Fabricated Seals and Components:   High-temperature Resistant Seals  •   Thermal Barriers   •  Emissions Control Products

Die Cut Gaskets:   High-temperature Resistant Seals for appliances  •  Emissions Control Products •  High-temperature Resistant Seals

Refractory Moldables and Cements:  •  Industrial Furnace/Oven repair  •  Seals or adhesives in high-temperature environments with fluctuating temperature conditions

High Temperature Resistant Textiles:    High-temperature Resistant Seals, Gasketing  •  Removable/Reusable Insulation Pads and Blankets