High Temperature Resistant Materials

Mid-Mountain manufactures a very broad range of high-temperature resistant materials that can be used in a number of configurations to address a wide variety of applications.  Our vertical integration allows us to combine different high temperature resistant materials to engineer the best solution for your application.  In addition, our vertical integration give us better control over quality, allows for shorter lead times, and provides our customers with very competitive pricing.

High-Temperature Resistant Materials are a category of products that can encompass many different things for many different applications.  From uncoated ropes, to coated tadpole tapes, to complex fabricated components using a variety of materials, Mid-Mountain has the capability to address your high-temperature requirements.

CERMEX® Thermal Insulation Materials
Comprised from silica, fiberglass, ceramic, and other high performance fibers, Mid-MountainCaven_Cermex-BK-SW offers a line of needled blankets, mats and papers which are very efficient as thermal insulation where high temperatures are present.  These blankets, mats and and papers can be die cut, or used as insulation media in fabricated blankets, pads and seals.

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ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics and Textiles

Our line of ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics and Textiles provide a myriad of options for applications that require thermal resistance. Ranging in weights from 7 oz/Caven_SF17-17isy to 90 oz/sy, our high temperature resistant fabrics can be cut and sewn into removable/reusable insulation blankets and pads, sewn into welding curtains for equipment and personnel protection, or used for any application that requires a custom sewn thermal barrier.

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HYTEX® High-Temperature Resistant Textiles
Mid-Mountain has a complete line of high temperature resistant fabrics, ropes, sleevings and tapes thatCaven_Siltex-Textiles offer excellent thermal insulation properties, high strength, and resistance to chemicals.  Manufactured from fiberglass, silica, ceramic fiber, aramid, and aramid fiber blends, our HYTEX® Textiles can be made in densities and dimensions that are specific to your application. In addition, our ropes and tapes can be coated
to enhance the physical properties for more extreme environments.

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SILTEX® Silica Fabric and Textiles

A high performance material comprised of 96% amorphous silica fibers,  SILTEX® Silica Fabric and Textiles are temperature resistant up to 1800°F • 982°C.  Silica isiltex 18s not only a high temperature resistant material, but is chemical resistant and abrasion resistant as well.  The flexibility and ease of use in fabrication make silica ideal for use as welding curtains, welding pads, and welding blankets to protect against splatter, sparks and molten metal splash.

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THERMOSEAL® Moldables, Cements and Coatings

Designed for use in refractory lining repair, lightweight refractory shapes, and adhesive for placing gaskets and seals in ovens and doors, our line of THERMOSEAL® products are hiCaven_Thermoseal-Cementgh-temperature resistant materials and can withstand thermal expansion and contraction under fluctuating heat conditions. In addition to the traditional moldable, Mid-Mountain offers a dry moldable, which will not freeze during transit, and can be transformed into a smooth putty as needed.

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THERMOPAK® Fabricated Seals, Blankets and Curtains

All of the high temperature resistant materials we offer can come together to make our THERMOPAK® line of fabricated seals, blankets and curtains.   We can combine our ARMATEX® Coated Caven_FabricationFabrics with CERMEX® Thermal Insulation materials to make removable/reusable insulation pads, diesel exhaust covers, or crucible lid seals for primary aluminum. We can add our HYTEX® Nomex® or Kevlar® cord for use a drawstring for fabricated blankets or pads, or combine coated silica with a needled blanket to enhance the life of an insulation pad or seal. The beauty of our THERMOPAK® line is that it pulls everything together to make an effective, custom seal or barrier that is engineered directly for your application.

There are many ways we can address your applications need with our high temperature resistant materials.  Give us a call and let us know how we can help!

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There are many ways we can address your applications need with our high temperature resistant materials.  Give us a call and let us know how we can help!