CERMEX®  Fiberglass Paper

CERMEX® PR1000-P and PR1000-C fiberglass papers ideal for use as die cut gaskets in sealing applications, as well as insulation where thermal barriers are needed.

PR1000-P is a premium grade paper manufactured from non-respirable, E-glass fibers and can be laminated on one side with foil or PSA.

PR1000-C is a commercial grade paper manufactured from fiberglass fibers, and can also be lamianted one side with foil or PSA.

Product NameConfigurationContinuous
Use Limit
Technical Data SheetSafety Data SheetSpecifications
CERMEX® PR 1000-CCommercial Grade Fiberglass Paper1000°F • 538°CASTM C-114, ASTM C-177
CERMEX® PR 1000-PPremium Grade Fiberglass Paper1000°F • 538°C