ASTM E84.84a
Surface Burning Characteristics

Surface Flammability/Radiant Heat

AATCC Method 22-1977
Water Repellency – Spray Test

ASTM E662-01
Smoke Density

AATCC Method 35-1977
Water Resistance – Rain Test

ASTM C-114
Thermal Conductivity Measurements

ASTM C-177
Steady State Heat Flux Measurements
and Thermal Transmission Properties

ASTM D3774
Width of Textile Fabric

ASTM D1777
Thickness of Textile Materials

ASTM D3786
Bursting Strength of Textile Fabrics

ASTM D4029
Finished Fabrics Woven from E-Glass Yarns

ASTM D4357
Plastic Laminates made from Woven Yarn Glass Fabrics

Standard Specification for Glass Fiber Strands

Greige Fabrics Woven from E-Glass Yarns

Bombardier SMP-800-C
Toxic Gas Generation

NFPA 101 Class A
Life Safety Code

NFPA 255
Standard Method of Test of Surface Burning
Characteristics of Building Materials

NFPA 417
Standard on Construction and Protection
of Aircraft Loading Walkways

FAR 25.855 Appendix F Part III
Flame Penetration

FTMS 191A-5100
Tensile and Tear Strength

FTMS 191A-5122
Bursting Strength

FTMS 191A-5136 (Trapezoid)
Tensile Strength

Resistance Oil/Aromatic Hydrocarbon Fluids

MIL-C-20079, Type 1, Class 9
Military Specification for Textiles Materials

Cloth, Silica Glass, Cloth, Coated,
Glass, Silicone Rubber Coated

Thermal Insulation Materials
with Corrosion and Chloride Requirements

Basic Forms of Untreated Glass Fiber

USCG 164.009
Non-combustible Materials