High-Temperature Seals from Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

High-temperature seals have two main purposes; to provide a secure barrier to prevent any gases, liquids, or other matter from entering or exiting the sealed structure, and to ensure that the structure can withstand high temperatures and any pressure without breaking. A successful high-temperature seal will ensure that the structure has a longer lifetime with […]

Providing Protection with Different Types of Welding Fabrics

Welding is the process of joining two materials together (usually metals) to make them act as a single piece. It works by melting the base metal, and a filler material is often added to this molten material, which forms a stronger joint when cooled. Welding is achieved using a gas flame, laser, electric arc, electron […]

Heat Resistant Fabric Solutions from Mid-Mountain

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. are specialists in manufacturing heat resistant fabric for a wide range of industries. We have expertise in diverse materials technologies and our specialized engineering capabilities allow us to manufacture novel fabrics with diverse features. Our Range of Heat Resistant Fabrics Over the years, we have developed a standard range of heat resistant […]

Heat Resistant Fabric: An Overview

What is Heat Resistant Fabric? The term heat resistant fabric covers a wide range of materials with one common property – thermal insulation. A heat resistant fabric will provide protection against extreme temperatures and they are available in a range of configurations depending on the application. Types of Heat Resistant Fabrics There are a large […]

What is a Thermal Insulation Barrier?

Thermal insulation is the process of reducing the transfer of thermal energy between objects, and a thermal barrier is one type of product that can be used to achieve this. This barrier is required in situations where two objects have differing temperatures, and the transfer of heat energy between the two would result in severe […]

Robot Protection Covers from Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

Robots are used extensively in industry, from cars to heavy machinery, and they often operate in extreme environments including intense periods of heat, chemical corrosion and harsh emissions. Robots are essential in a lot of these industries as the jobs they perform can be too dangerous for humans. There is the risk that robots can […]

THERMOPAK® Fabricated Parts from Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. has been manufacturing fabricated parts for a wide range of industries for many years. The industries we cover include aluminium, aerospace, petrochemical, and many others. THERMOPAK® fabricated parts include seals, curtains, and blankets, which have been developed for use as insulation barriers against high temperatures, emissions, abrasion and chemical attacks. We are […]

ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics from Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. are leading providers of specialty coated fabrics and textiles. The ARMATEX® range of coated fabrics uses a variety of blends and coatings with some of the most advanced fibers and specialized weaves. The ARMATEX® range of coated fabrics and textiles includes a variety of fabrics, which all use different materials to provide […]

Coated Fabrics used to Improve Performance and Safety in the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry requires constant innovation of materials in order for them to provide outstanding performance and reliability in extreme operating conditions. Designing materials for aerospace applications has unique technical challenges, the initial idea should have potential, but also be cost-effective and meet regulations. Coated fabrics and fabricated parts are materials that are widely used […]

The HYTEX® Range of High Temperature Fabrics from Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

The first high temperature textiles Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. manufactured were Channel Tapes and Tadpole Gaskets, which were used as seals in pellet stoves and gas fireplaces. Since then, we have developed a wide range of high temperature fabrics for thermal insulation seals and barriers across many industries for moderate to severe environments. HYTEX® High Temperature […]