The Benefits of Welding Curtains

In an area where welding takes place, it can be extremely dangerous if the correct safety measures are not in place. There are various products that can be used for safety purposes within a welding area, but one of the most versatile and successful is welding curtains. This blog post will discuss some of the […]

The Benefits of Using Coated Fabrics in High Temperature Applications

Coated fabrics are used in a wide range of applications, in industries including aerospace, robotics, and welding. Used in high-temperature applications, coated fabrics can be made with varying compositions to provide a range of different benefits. Silicone Silicone rubber provides a wealth of benefits when used to coat fabrics for high temperature applications. The material […]

Thermal Resistant Materials from Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. is a global manufacturer of a range of thermal resistant materials for a range of different applications. We have a vast knowledge surrounding diverse material technologies and our engineering capabilities allow us to manufacture innovative solutions. THERMOSEAL® Our THERMOSEAL® range of refractory cements, moldables, and coatings are thermal resistant materials developed specifically […]

Welding Protection Solutions from Mid-Mountain

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. is a manufacturer of high-temperature resistant materials for various applications. One of these application areas is welding, and we provide a selection of materials that can be used for the purpose of welding protection. ARMATEX® Our ARMATEX® range of coated fabrics and textiles have a wide range of uses including welding protection. […]

High Temperature Gaskets from Mid-Mountain

A gasket is a mechanical seal that is used to fill any gaps between two or more materials that are bonded together. The typical purpose of a standard gasket is to prevent any gas or liquid from leaking from the materials. In high-temperature applications, gaskets need to be able to withstand extreme temperatures while still […]

Fiberglass Fabrics from Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

Fiberglass is a material made of fibers of glass that are woven into a texture that causes it to trap pockets of air.  This results in a fabric with low density and high thermal insulation properties. This thermal insulation property makes fiberglass a useful fabric in applications that require a high level of temperature resistance, […]

High-Temperature Seals from Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

High-temperature seals have two main purposes; to provide a secure barrier to prevent any gases, liquids, or other matter from entering or exiting the sealed structure, and to ensure that the structure can withstand high temperatures and any pressure without breaking. A successful high-temperature seal will ensure that the structure has a longer lifetime with […]

Providing Protection with Different Types of Welding Fabrics

Welding is the process of joining two materials together (usually metals) to make them act as a single piece. It works by melting the base metal, and a filler material is often added to this molten material, which forms a stronger joint when cooled. Welding is achieved using a gas flame, laser, electric arc, electron […]

Heat Resistant Fabric Solutions from Mid-Mountain

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. are specialists in manufacturing heat resistant fabric for a wide range of industries. We have expertise in diverse materials technologies and our specialized engineering capabilities allow us to manufacture novel fabrics with diverse features. Our Range of Heat Resistant Fabrics Over the years, we have developed a standard range of heat resistant […]

Heat Resistant Fabric: An Overview

What is Heat Resistant Fabric? The term heat resistant fabric covers a wide range of materials with one common property – thermal insulation. A heat resistant fabric will provide protection against extreme temperatures and they are available in a range of configurations depending on the application. Types of Heat Resistant Fabrics There are a large […]