ARMATEX® Vermiculite
Coated Fabrics and Textiles

Armatex Firestar

ARMATEX® Firestar Fabrics and Tapes are comprised of a fiberglass substrate and vermiculite coating that greatly enhances the resistance to burn through flame impingement, sparks, molten splash, and corrosion.

This burn resistant fabric also benefits from thermal insulation due to the vermiculite coating, making it excellent for use in heat resistant applications.

ARMATEX® Firestar burn resistant fabrics and tapes are available in a variety of weights, and the vermiculite coating enables their use in welding protection and drop cloths, removable thermal insulation jackets, stress relieving blankets, and thermal insulation barriers.

StyleBase FabricWeight (oz/sy)Thickness (inches)Width (inches)Technical Data SheetSafety Data Sheet 
Firestar 18Fiberglass18.03060
Firestar 24Fiberglass24.04160
Firestar 30Fiberglass30.04960
Firestar 35Fiberglass35.06060
Firestar 40Fiberglass40.06660
Firestar 70Fiberglass70.12540