ARMATEX® SilverStar: An Innovative Coated Fabric for Standard Applications

In response to the demand for a more aesthetically pleasing fabric, Mid-Mountain has developed ARMATEX® SilverStar, a lightweight silicone coated fabric with a reflective silver color that targets improved insulation performance.


ARMATEX® SilverStar 10 and SilverStar 13

ARMATEX® SilverStar 10 and SilverStar 13

Available in finished weights of  10 oz/sy and 13 oz/sy, ARMATEX® SilverStar is a lighter weight alternative to the traditional 17 oz/sy coated fabric used in the fabrication of removable/reusable insulation blankets and pads.  And though the weight is lighter, SilverStar coated fabric has increased thermal insulation properties which offer the potential for greater energy savings.

If you have an application where aesthetics are important, and both high temperature resistance and abrasion resistance are required, ARMATEX® SilverStar coated fabric is the perfect solution.


Increased thermal properties
Ease of use in fabrication
Energy conservation
Flexes without cracking
Provides a vapor barrier
UV Resistant
Greater flexibility for insulation jacketing applications

Given it’s unique appearance and durability, ARMATEX® SilverStar can be used in a wide variety of applications in multiple industries such as aerospace, automotive, metallurgy, marine, power generation, and large-scale equipment and machinery manufacturing.  ARMATEX® SilverStar can be used for safety barriers, safety curtains, expansion joints, protective shields, welding blankets and curtains, and any application that requires a high-temperature barrier.

Samples are available upon request at, and you can view the data sheets for both ARMATEX® SilverStar 10 and ARMATEX® SilverStar 13 on our ARMATEX® Silicone Coated Fabrics page.