ARMATEX® Silicone Coated
Fabrics and Textiles

Armatex Silicone Coated FabricMid-Mountain manufactures silicone coated fabrics and tapes comprised of varying substrates coated with silicone rubber compounds.  ARMATEX® Silicone Coated Fabrics and Textiles are engineered for use in environments that require high heat or flame resistance, chemical resistance, or abrasion resistance.

Typical uses include removable pad insulation, protection from weld spatter and slag, gaskets, and thermal insulation barriers.


Mid-Mountain also manufactures specialty silicone coated fabrics specifically designed for your unique application. Armatex SBN 13-062 Robotex Silicone Coatd Fabric ARMATEX® Silicone Coated Fabrics have been used as protective robot covers in very extreme environments, airbags for space craft, intumescent cargo covers on aircraft, and as flexible closure assemblies for aircraft loading walkways.


Silicone Coated Fabrics

StyleBase FabricWeight (oz/sy)Thickness (in)Width (in)Technical Data SheetSafety Data Sheet 
SN 13 RobotexAromatic Polyamide130.01060
SilverStar 10Fiberglass100.00838
SilverStar 13 Fiberglass130.01238
SF 7Fiberglass70.00838, 60
SF 10Fiberglass100.01060
SF 15Fiberglass150.01660
SF 17 PremiumFiberglass170.01760
SF 17 IndustrialFiberglass160.01660
SF 18Fiberglass180.01860
SF 22Fiberglass220.02260
SS 23Silica230.03036
SS 28Silica280.03036
SF 32Fiberglass320.03538, 60
SF 34Fiberglass340.03538, 60
SF 37Fiberglass370.03538, 60
SS 40Silica400.05836
SF 45Fiberglass450.06040, 60
SS 45Silica450.05536
SF 60Fiberglass600.07038
SF 90Fiberglass900.12540