ARMATEX® PTFE Coated Fabrics and Textiles

ARMATEX® PTFE Coated Fabric and Tape exhibit high temperature resistance and abrasion resistance. The heat resistant tape and fabrics are coated with a specially formulated PTFE resin system, and are excellent for use in chemically corrosive and abrasive environments.

The PTFE coated fabrics also display excellent resistance against oil and hydrocarbon, and petrochemical attack, making them useful as insulation pads, covers, and jacketing. The heat resistant tapes are also very easy to fabricate.

StyleBase FabricWeight (oz/sy)Thickness (inches)WidthTechnical Data SheetSafety Data Sheet
TF 14Fiberglass130.01160
TF 17Fiberglass16.50.01460
TF 18Fiberglass180.01560

• Excellent oil and hydrocarbon resistance

• Excellent resistance to petrochemical attack

• High-temperature resistant

• Abrasion resistant

• Ease of use in fabrication

• Can be engineered in variation upon request


• Insulation pad and cover fabrication

• Insulation jacketing