SILTEX® Silica Yarn XS-150


SILTEX® Silica Yarn XS-150 consists of continuous filament, amorphous silica fibers which operate continuously at temperatures up to 1800°F • 982°C. These silica yarn fabrics have excellent thermal shock resistance, and high dielectric strength.

SILTEX® Silica Yarn provides superior protection in electrical applications and has minimal shrinkage at service temperatures. This silica yarn with thermal shock resistance has a tensile strength of 3.8 lbs and yield of 3300 ly/lb.

MaterialOperating TemperatureTensile Strength (lbs.)Tex (g/km)Yield (ly/lb)Technical Data SheetSafety Data Sheet
98% Amorphous Silica1800°F • 982°C3.81503300